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Still dare to hang the knife on the wall? Kitchen feng shui can not be ignored


A spacious and bright kitchen always gives people a warm feeling, and the mood can be pleasant when cooking. However, many people may not know. In fact, there are many taboos in the kitchen decoration. If you accidentally violated it, your family may be in awkward situation. Let's take a look at the feng shui taboo in the kitchen!

1, the door straight into the kitchen is not good

In the ancient book <> there is a cloud: "Open the door to see the stove, money and more consumption." It means that the stove is on a straight line to the main entrance and there is a penalty. If this is the case, then the family’s fortune will be unsatisfactory, and it will be horrible to break the money. Mainly pay attention to gastrointestinal diseases. To take a step back, even if the kitchen door is in line with the stove, it is not good.

The solution to the solution: only moving the stove to it is the best policy.

2, the kitchen hanging mirror is not good

One of the taboos in the kitchen hanging mirror is that the mirror can't shine on the fire. If the mirror is hung on the wall behind the stove, the food in the pot will be more harmful. This is called "the sky door fire", which will cause the house to suffer fire or misfortune.

3, the kitchen hanging tools are not good

All kinds of kitchen knives or fruit knives in the kitchen should not be hung on the wall, or inserted in the knife holder. They should be placed in the drawer; the garlic, onions and peppers should not be hanged in the kitchen, because these things will absorb the yin.

4, the refrigerator rice cylinder is empty, if not

The refrigerator should not be empty, and the rice cylinder should be filled at any time, because these two items are closely related to food and clothing. Complementing these two items symbolizes that the home is innocent.

5, the furnace mouth is not good for the toilet

As mentioned above, the crater of the stove is to be sent to the Kyrgyz side. Simply put, the stove is to absorb the enthusiasm and good luck. If you absorb the unclean things, you don’t need to say that everyone will understand the consequences, for a while. Breaking the money, the second will increase the pain.

6, the kitchen floor is higher than other rooms, the platform is not good

The floor of the kitchen cannot be higher than the floor of other rooms, which will make the health of the family worse. To do this, add a threshold to the kitchen door.

7, the kitchen and toilet are connected

In modern houses, for the convenience of design and space saving, many families will connect the kitchen and the toilet together. When entering and leaving the toilet, they will go through the kitchen and then to the toilet. This is unsatisfactory in Feng Shui and will lead to a family's body. disease.

8, there is a beam above the stove top pressure

There should be no beam topping above the stove, otherwise it will affect the health of the owner.

9, the stove is too close to the kitchen door is not good

The stove should not be too close to the kitchen door, and the stove and the kitchen door must be at least two meters away.

10, the faucet is facing the stove

The faucet can't be on the stove, and the sink should not be too close to the stove.

11. The good and bad of the stove to sit on the stove is not judged. Modern Feng Shui is the direction of the crater as a stove. The criterion is to sit on Wangji.

Sitting in the direction of the stove back, pointing to the direction of the stove, in the direction of the mouth, in the eight houses of Feng Shui, there are eight directions, half fierce, half Ji.

Four Jixing: angry, prolonged, heavenly, and vacant.

Four fierce stars: desperate, scourge, five ghosts, six scorpions.

Therefore, the orientation of the stove should be determined according to the direction of the house and the life of the house. It is necessary to take a fierce battle, otherwise it will break the money and hurt the body.

12, the kitchen decoration color is not good

The color of the kitchen should be light, such as white, ivory and so on.

These are the 12 taboos of the kitchen feng shui. If you have violated some of the feng shui, you can quickly correct it. If not, remember not to commit these feng shui taboos.
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